Bank of America: Largest Financial Institution

Bank of America is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It isthe second largest bank holding company in the United States by assets. Bank of America (abbreviated as BoA) is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

With its impressive selection of digital tools and a steadily dwindlingbranch network, Bank of America appears to have turned its attention tobuilding and refining first-class online and mobile products. And yetits market reach continues to dwarf that of most other U.S. financialinstitutions. The bank serves almost 50 million customers and operatesthousands of branches spread over 37 states.

From no-nonsense checking accounts to great budgeting tools, here’s acloser look at some of Bank of America’s best products and services.

The basics

Although Bank of America is the country’s second-largest financialinstitution, ranked by assets, its most basic products and servicesaren’t too different from what you might find at a local bank or creditunion. It offers just two checking accounts, three basic savingsaccounts, three tiers of certificates of deposit, or CDs, and a coupleof individual retirement accounts, or IRAs. The bank also provides avariety of credit cards and loans, along with several investmentproducts.
While delivering a bevy of wealth-management services – Bank ofAmerica acquired securities broker Merrill Lynch in 2008 – the bankfurther separates itself from the pack with its sharp online bankingtools, a slick financial planning program and an excellent mobile app.

How much money is insured Bank of America?

Generally, checking, savings, trust and money market deposit accounts, individualretirement accounts, or IRAs, and certificates of deposit, or CDs, areinsured up to $250,000 per depositor if they’re held in accounts that meet the FDIC-insurance rules at an FDIC-insured bank.

What type of company is Wells Fargo?

When it comes to consumer banking, there are many types of institutions that provide financial services – not just banks like Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Instead, the American banking system is quite diverseand large. Broadly speaking, financial institutions can be broken downby:

What is Bank of America Keep the Change?

Enroll in our Keep the Change savings program and when you make everyday purchases with your Bank of America debit cardFootnote 1, we’ll: Round up your purchase to the nearest dollar amount. Transfer the difference from your checking account to your savings account.

Where Bank of America shines

Excellent online tools: Bank of America’s interestrates on savings aren’t much to brag about. In fact, you’re likely toget significantly better rates at the credit union down the street. What you probably won’t find there, though, are digital tools and servicesas strong as those offered by Bank of America.
Its mobile app has it all, from free money transfer services to areliable bill-payment function. Better yet, Bank of America boastsaward-winning security and fraud-prevention systems.

Although you’ll want to take some time to check out Bank of America’s online tools on your own, know that its budgeting and expense-trackingplatform is one of the slickest of its kind. Your spending and savingpatterns are visualized in straightforward graphs and charts, whichshould eliminate much of the drudgery that normally comes withmonitoring monthly expenses.

Inventive savings program: Customers with bothchecking and savings accounts may want to consider enrolling in thebank’s Keep the Change program. When you pay for something using yourBank of America debit card, the cost of your purchase is rounded up tothe nearest dollar and the extra amount is sent to your savings account.

Although this shouldn’t replace regular contributions to savings,retirement accounts or an emergency fund, the Keep the Change system can help silence that nagging voice in your head that’s telling you to save more.

Where Bank of America falls short

Uninspired checking lineup: Customers who want manychecking options may be disappointed by Bank of America’s two offerings. Although there’s nothing wrong with them – in fact, it’s fairly easy to avoid the monthly fees, something you can’t say about checking accounts at most big banks – you’d think that the country’s second-largest bankwould throw some more resources toward expanding its checking options.

The SafeBalance Banking Account is a step in the right direction.It’s tailor-made for chronic overdrafters. In lieu of overdraft fees,transactions are simply declined if a customer doesn’t have sufficientfunds in his or her account. The only downsides are the unavoidable$4.95 monthly fee and the fact that this account doesn’t come withchecks. Customers also can’t sign up for it online.

Bank of America Online Banking has really taken off since it was introduced several years ago.

The simple fact is that, it is much easier to open y  our laptop or get on your smart phone to search account activity, look at balances and make transfers than it is to get in the car and drive to the bank and do the same things.

Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America was one of the first banks to jump into online banking.

Below is a detailed review of Bank of America Online Banking, including the various pros and cons that we discovered during our analysis.

One of my favorite pros to the platform is the ability to set up textmessages and email alerts for just about anything. If you want to knowwhen checks clear, if something appears to be fraudulent, when yourbalance gets too low and more, you can with a simple text or email.

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits of using this online banking option.
It is incredibly easy to access account information, initiate transfersand pay bills using the Bank of America online banking platform.
Bank of America is arguably one of the largest and most trusted banks in the United States today. That being said, their online banking options are quite impressive.

Here are just a couple of my favorites.

  • Set Up Personalized Alerts – Are overdrafts costing you too much? You can set up an alert that warns you when your balance gets a bit too low, setting the bar whereveryou’d like. Interested in tracking your checks to the point of beingcashed?

There’s an alert for that too! You set up alerts for just about anything fromcredit card purchases to savings account deposits, loan payments, andmore using Bank of America’s online banking option.

  • Online Bill Pay – If you’re interested in setting your bill payments up online, all in one place, Bank of America makes that process simple.

How Much Does Bank of America Online Banking Cost?

This is my favorite part – you pay no extra for the online banking option.No matter if you open your account online or in the branch, you pay thesame.
All the more reason the drive to the branch seems a bit obsolete these days.

Can You TRUST Bank of America Online Banking?

Finally, here’s a big question… can you TRUST Bank of America online banking?

When you start your online banking ventures, you’re not just starting a bank account, you’re starting a relationship. america online banking
The truth is: no one likes changing bank accounts.
There’s way too much work in that! So, when you sign up for a bank account,you’re most likely going to have that account until something drasticcauses you to switch banks. 

How to Open a US Bank Account for non-Residents

How to Open a Bank of America Account for non-Residents

Here we will use Payoneer to open a virtual US bank account online. Below are some advantages that you will receive after you have a virtual US bank account or a free online bank account which will be able to receive money from anywhere in any time.
* If you signed up through my affiliate link, you’d receive $25.00 as a bonus once your Payoneer account reached $100 threshold.

After you created your FREE Payoneer account, Payoneer team will send you an email within a few days, informing whether or not yourapplication is approved. If your application is not approved in thefirst time as some mistakes just like I did, contact them and ask what’s the wrong.In my case I didn’t have the sufficient age to apply.

I applied at age 17 and my application got rejected. I contacted them when I reached 18 and got my application approved. So if you are under18 and want to apply for a bank account online, then create virtual bank account for your parents or other relatives. You cannot create kidsbank account with Payoneer. Please read Payoneer’s terms and conditionsmake sure you have fulfilled the requirements.

Wait and see for a post mail with Bank of America Credit Card

Yes, third step is nothing on your part. Just wait and see for a mail from Payoneer. The duration to receive your Payoneer MasterCard willdepend on the location and the speed of process. (e.g: holidays, delayof receiving post mail) america online banking

Activate Your Card

Within a few days, you will receive the Payoneer MasterCard. Login to your Payoneer account and activate it. To Activate the card, click on“Activate” button at the middle of screen.

You are all done! You got a US Bank account and A MasterCard for free of cost.

USA Virtual bank account as a supplement for Paypal withdraw

If you’re from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, African Country and Nigeria and you are afreelancer, content marketer, service broker or an internet marketer,you may be suffering from the problem of “PayPal is not supported“. As a Sri Lankan, I know the importance of having a full-verified andlimitless PayPal account (that can send and receive money). america online banking

If you are from such a country where PayPal withdraw is impossibleand think you can use virtual bank account for Paypal verification, then you should first be notified that you can’t use Payoneer or any otherUS virtual bank account for PayPal verification. Because, it is just anonline checking bank account, NOT a saving account which can be used tolink bank account to PayPal.

How to use bank of America cash rewards

To check your rewards points balance and cash in or redeem your rewards points online, sign in to Online Banking and select your credit card then select the Rewards tab. You may also redeem your rewards points by phone. Call 800.434.8313 for additional information.


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