More People can Share Your Post on Social Media: 4 Tips to Share Your Content

Not all of your articles and blog posts are going to be shared by thousands of people across multiple socialchannels. In fact, most probably won’t. This is especially true ifyou’re just starting out. You really need to build an audience and gain a following on Facebook and Twitter before your content starts to reallyget passed around.

More People can Share Your Post on Social Media
On the flip sidethere are many people out there who’ve been putting in the work forseveral years and do have a following but find their posts still aren’tgetting shared that much. A high share count is not about feeding egosit’s about generating traffic. Traffic that doesn’t cost anything. These are visitors who come to your site because they actually want to read your content.
For the sake of this article let’s assume your content is high quality andof interest to your audience, but for whatever reason you just can’t get people to pass it around. There are a few simple things you can do that may improve things.
If you follow these 4 tips you will increase the likelihood that your content will be shared

1. Make your site awesome on mobile 
About 65% of the people who read this post will do so on a mobiledevice. The user experience on a smartphone or tablet should be as goodif not better than on a desktop. That doesn’t mean just looks it also means functionality! Do you know if your sharing buttons work on mobile devices? Have you tried it yourself? How easy is it? Do the buttons format correctly when you flip the orientation? You should know the answer to these questions. The easier you make itfor people to share via mobile device the more likely they will.

2. Don’t overdo it with the sharing icons 
You don’t need to offer people 40 different social networks to shareto. The vast majority don’t matter because no one uses them. Secondly,all those extra buttons slow down page load speed which can hurt youwith SEO and increase bounce rate. Don’t overwhelm people. Give peoplethe option of sharing to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Werecently added Buffer too because it’s become a popular method ofsharing.

3. Use beautiful images and video 
Never post an article without at least one image and make sure the sizeis optimized for social sharing. Your posts will get a lot moreattention on Facebook and Google+ if your images are sized properly.Posts with correctly sized images look awesome in the Facebook news-feedand people will be more likely to re-share your content.

4. Don’t be selfish 
Be active in the communities within your niche. Share the articlesthat spark your interest the same you want people to share your stuff.In the world of social media you have to give to receive. TheConvergent1 Twitter feed has gained hundreds of new followers just inthe last 2 months because when I see an interesting Tweet I favorite it. I do this because I genuinely like the Tweet but more than half thetime the person will thank me and usually start following us. I highlyrecommend getting involved in Google+ Communities. If you contributeyour content to the discussions taking place and become an activeparticipant you will see your sharing skyrocket.

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