Top 7 Business ideas in Dubai: United Arab Emirates

Do you want to start and run your own small business in Dubai, UAE? Are you looking for new and profitable business ideas andopportunities which will grow at a flourishing rate in Dubai? If youranswer is yes, here are 

Top 7 business ideas you may consider to startin Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Nobody in previous times would have ever expected that Dubai will one day become a huge goldmine forbusinessmen. Who would have ever thought that a sandy place would oneday hold the world’s tallest buildings on its chest? We believe, no one.

Anyways, we are not here to discusshow Dubai
 became so rich that nowadays it attracts global investors from all arenas to leverage its business world, but we are here to highlight top new, highly profitable and flourishing opportunities for aspiringentrepreneurs who aim to setup a business in Dubai.

Now without wasting your precious time, here are top 7 small business ideas which have a huge potential in Dubai:

1. Real Estate Business

As said earlier in the introduction part of this article, there would have been hardly any person who would have expected that Dubai will one day step into the race of making world’stallest buildings. Believe it or not, Dubai at present has a leadingreal estate sector.

Being the booming sector in Dubai’seconomy, aspiring entrepreneurs have multiple opportunities to developits housing, industrial and logistical areas by starting a real estatebusiness in Dubai.

2. Job Agency Business

In order to keep its industries runningsmoothly, Dubai will always be in high need of skillful and unskillfulhuman resource. This huge requirement of manpower offers you acompelling opportunity of starting your own job agency consultancy firmso that you can fulfill its huge human resource requirements for itsindustries.

3. Travel Agency Business

Dubai Attracts millions of domestic aswell as international tourists every year. So offering tour and travelservices to these tourists is another incredible business opportunityfor aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have good working knowledge about how to run a travel agency, then you have higher chances of reaping fruitsby facilitating tour and travel services to tourists.

4. Jewelry Making Business

Are you an expert in jewelry making? Ifyes, then why not you take it to Dubai where millions of people come tobuy its diamonds. One of the top quality that has made Dubai to standout allover the world are its diamonds. That is why throughout the whole world, Dubai is considered as Mecca of Gold.

5. Specialty Schooling Business

Full of expats from differentnationalities is highly unexploited area in Dubai. Providing educationfacilities to these large number of expats is undoubtedly an innovativeand profitable business opportunity in Dubai aspiring entrepreneursshould focus on.

6. Offering Childcare Services

Since it is very hard for working classprofessionals in Dubai to get the time for their children, offeringchildcare services to these people is definitely a wonderful businessopportunity for many entrepreneurs who would like to tap into thisbusiness. One more fact that provides backup for starting a childcarebusiness in Dubai is that more than 70% in its population belongs toworking class people.

Besides these facts, in recent times, it has been seen that more and more parents are turning to childcarefacilities to take care of their children. So what are thinking nowabout this opportunity? If it matches with your interests, then justgive it a practical shot in Dubai.

7. Nightclub Business in Dubai

Dubai is filled with the busy people. You can start and run your own nightclub business in Dubai in order to help this segment to get rid of daily job stress.

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