Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Next Blog

Thinking to start a blog or website? or Want to start another one? So why is everyone using WordPress? Is it just a fad, or is there actually a good reason? Read thefollowing post to learn why we set our clients up on the wordpresssystem.

Advanced SEO Tools

Out of the box WordPress is set up to be decently SEO friendly. With a few simple plugins you can makeyour site very well optimized. Below are some of my go-to plugins:

Many Plugins

Everyone is using WordPress… but why should you care? Well, with such a largeuser base, there is always something new being cooked up. Plugins arealways being created and your needs always have an easy fix.

Ease of Use

WordPress is extremely easy to install and to change to fit your business needs.Let’s say you wrote a book and want to sell it online. WordPress caneasily set up a store that accepts secure payments.


From a simple blog to an advanced content management system (CMS), WordPress has got you covered. You can use Custom Post Type UI to create a content type and then use Advanced Custom Fields to customize the interface and fields.

Still Confused? We can help

We have built dozens of custom sites based off of WordPress, helping to market independent films, nonprofits and bloggers. If you don’t know where to start, we can help. We can help you take your site from concept all the way through launch. Contact us now.

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