A Real Model Diet Plan: Adriana Lima’s Diet

Most models would have you believe they eat whatever they like – “I eatburgers and French fries!” they protest, as if they fall out of bedevery day looking like a magazine advertisement. Industry people knowthat’s not true, and so does supermodel Adriana Lima.

For a model, getting asked to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show is like being asked to be the Super Bowl of modeling. Not surprisingly, the top models asked to walk in the show, everyone from Adriana Lima to Erin Heatherton, prepare for months and months. It isn’t easy strutting your stuff in lingerie in front of millions!

So here’s what it really takes to be an Angel: Lima, 30, has beenworking out every day with a personal trainer since August. For the last three weeks, she’s been working out twice a day.

A Real Model’s Diet #1


Wethought we’d ask one of our favorite models to share her diet over a 3 dayperiod. Here is Adriana Lima’s food diary, from 3 days earlier this year. The best wayto lose weight is to combine diet and exercise, and Adriana Lima exercised on two ofthese days.
Click on any of these links to take you straight to Adriana Lima’s diet for day 1, 2or 3.

Make sure that you take a look at ourcalorie counter page if you are going to countcalories like Adriana Lima.

Adriana Lima’s Diet: Day 1

9:00am BreakfastBoiledEgg with slice of wholewheat bread (140 calories)
Bowl of Cheerios with skimmed milk (220 calories)
Black Coffee (9 calories)
Total 369 calories
1:00pm Lunch
Subway Club Sandwich (320 calories)
Diet Coke (0 calories)
Total 320 calories
4:00pm Snack
Granola Bar (110 calories)
Total 110 calories
7:00pm Dinner
Grilled Chicken and steamed vegetables (360 calories)
Glass of Wine (110 calories)
Total 380 calories
9:00pm Snack
Bowl of chopped watermelon (50 calories)
Total 50 calories
Day 1 Total = 1307 calories

real model diet plan

Adriana Lima’s Diet: Day 2

8:45am Breakfast
1 grapefruit (64 calories)
1 slice wholewheat toast, thinly spread with peanut butter (145 calories)
Black Coffee (9 calories)
Total 218 calories
12:30pm Lunch
Turkey salad with balsamic vinaigrette (300 calories)
Cup of tea with skimmed milk (20 calories)
Total 320 calories
4:10pm Snack
Cup of apple sauce (105 calories)
Glass of orange juice (150 calories)
Total 255 calories
8:00pm Dinner
Lean Cuisine chicken a l’orange with rice(268 calories)
2 slices of low fat cheddar cheese with wholewheat crackers (180 calories)
Total 448 calories
9:00pm Snack
Chewy granola bar (130 calories)
Total 130 calories
Day 2 Total = 1371 calories

Adriana Lima’s Diet: Day 3

Dannon low calorie yoghurt (90 calories)
Omelette – 2 eggs, low-fat cheese, vegetables (325 calories)
Black Coffee (9 calories)
Total 424 calories
1:30pm Lunch
Low fat BLT sandwich on wholewheat (275 calories)
Diet Coke (0 calories)
Total 275 calories
5:00pm Snack
Low fat Jell-O pudding (100 calories)
Total 100 calories
8:00pm Dinner
Grilled Sea Bass with vegetables (300 calories)
Glass of wine (110 calories)
Total 410 calories
Day 3 Total = 1209 calories
And there you have it, Adriana Lima’s eating habits for three full days. Rememberthat what works for Adriana Lima might not work for you, so its important to try allthe diet plans here and keep at it!

“Why is my weight such an issue, especially when it’s probably fivepounds? The majority of women who would have gone through what I wentthrough this year…

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