Paper Heart Wall Art: DIY Home Decor

This one is out of traditional wall art work & Extraordinary Smart DIY Paper Wall Decor. Before I decor my home with DIY Wall Art, I didn’t knew about Making, arranging, and hanging artwork is simple than any other DIY project. Today with my easy wall art guide, You will learn How to Make paper heart wall art which is actually looks awesome and can be your regular or occasional home decor. A home decor idea which cheap & simple to decorate an otherwise boring wall with a great DIY Wall art. 

Paper Heart Wall Art: DIY Home Decor
diy home decor with paper heart wall art

In Just Five Step You can Create an awesome home decor Craft Item with colorful papers. It takes only 40 Minutes to be done.

Wall art idea came to me a few days ago and I was so excited to make it. I LOVES hearts, and I picked out a bunch of my favoritecolors. 

Best part of all this DIY Home Decor with Paper Heart Wall Art is cost $2 to make. However it depends on how many paper heart you gonna make. I guess if you make huge and huge it almost cost not more than $5. I already had some of this wood in the garage, leftover from making slats for my bed, and I also hadthe lace to cover the front. I bought some scrapbook paper while on sale at Nearest Shop’s.
Lets learn today:

How to Make Paper Heart to Decorate Home

You can buy lots of wall art home decor but what you will get from it? There is no creativity. But if you made something by yourself this will make you satisfied and will save you a lots of money. You can give it to someone as Gift, so it will be priceless; as gifts are always is. Even you can sell this craft to your friends and online shop like

STEP 1: I made a heart template out of poster board and then traced and cut out all my hearts (88 total).

STEP 2: I divided the hearts into 8 sections of 11 and staggered the colors so they would look random.

STEP 3: I sewed eachstrand together, leaving a 1″ gap between each heart and long threads at the top of each row to wrap around the wood.

STEP 4: I wrapped each line around the wood and secured the string on the top and back with tape.

STEP 5: I cut some lace and hot glued it over the front of the wood, making sure to seal each string.
#DIY home decor with paper heart wall art

 Sick of staring at a room with empty walls? Dress them up with these wall decor paper heart. It always give your home a good and standard look. Specially if you have kids, then you can decor kids room with these stuff, kids are always love colorful decoration and this might help your kids to increase the curiosity to learning things about crafting.
diy home decor with paper heart wall art

How to Make Paper Heart to Decorate Home

 So today you have learned this thing. A little more speech from me to you, please read

I’m really happy with how it turned out and everyone loves it… so that makes me even happier.
It’s colorful and sweet, just like me. (kidding yah)

No matter how much you have loved my home made craft, But I’m sure as its simple to give a try, you will do it. And yours one will be more beautiful. If you make an item, please share with us, let me see how you worked on it. 
Don’t forget to share this crafts to your friends. 

This Craft Item can be a great gift idea. suppose you are going to your friends daughter birthday, but you don’t have enough time to go for shopping, or you don’t want to waste that time in shopping or simply if you don’t want to spend lots of money to buy some dolls or any other gift item, in just 30 minutes you can create this paper heart craft to add in your gift item.
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