How to Verify Your Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Do you know that now you can verify your Blog on Pinterest? How to verify blog on pinterest? Let me show you… (If you don’t already, you can follow me on Pinterest here). You can get some new bling for your blog: the full URL, written out under your profile, that is a more obvious link to your home on the web.

How to verify website on pinterest for blogger?

How to Verify Your Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Verifying your Blog on Pinterest is a good for bloggers. Onceverified, Pinterest will prominently display the blog web address, which should help bloggers engage with others and “brand” their page. (Byincreasing our credibility and  hopefully traffic too.) It is alsoexcellent for SEO since it will give you a valuable link back fromPinterest.

Pinterest has now made it possible for those of us on the bloggerplatform to easily verify our websites using an HTML Meta Tag!  Yea! It’s a fairly simple process, and I will walk you through it (to the best of my ability) with a few screen shots…

So here’s a quick guide on how to verify your website on Pinterest.

Make sure you are in the “old look” of Pinterest when youstart this, for some reason the code generated when you are in the “newlook” is causing some people problems…

Step 1. Log in to your Pinterest account and
Click the gear menu, then Account settings:

Scroll down to Verify Website and click the button.

How to Verify Your Blogger Blog on PinterestHow to Verify Your Blogger Blog on Pinterest

Select and copy your meta tag.  (It is the code in the gray box.)

Step 3. Log in to blogger and go to “Template” and select Edit HTML.

Note: You may see a warning message, click proceed.

Step 4. Click the button to expand widget templates.

How to Verify Your Blogger Blog on Pinterest

(Before making any changes to your HTML code, always make a copy.  There is a back uprestore button on the Template page, click it to download your backupcopy and save it somewhere safe.)

Step 5. Hit CNRL F and search for the word ”  head  “.
You should find two – the opening head tag: <head> and the closing head tag:  </head>

Your Pinterest generated code needs to go somewhere in between these 2 tags

how to get verified on pinterest

Paste the Meta Tag info below the opening HEAD tag.  <head> (But above the closing </head> tag.)

A few commenters have mentioned the verification only worked for themwhen they put the code directly below the opening head tag, so be sureto put the Pinterest generated code to right below the opening head tag.

Step 6. Test your changes to make sure you didn’t mess up your blog.  To dothis, click preview and make sure it loads properly.  Then click savetemplate.

how to get verified on pinterest

Step 7. Go back over to Pinterest and click the click here button for Pinterest to verify your blog.

verify blog on pinterest

That is it, if it worked, you are verified!  Head back to your main page to check it out!
Yes You are done. You have verified your blog to Pinterest.

Step 8. Now you will see that your website/blog is confirmed in your pinterest profile.

site verified by pinterest

Congratulations! Now your Pinterest account should be look like this

Blog Verified on pinterest

Having problem to Verify Your Blog on Pinterest?

Right now, you can confirm your site for top-level domains like If your website looks like, it isn’t a top-level domain.

Note: If you already confirmed your website on one account and you’d like it for another, you’ll have to remove your website from the first account first. Then you’ll need to go through the setup steps again on the new Pinterest account.

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