How to Make DIY Birch Wood Candle Holders

Unique DIY Home Decor Idea: Birch wood can be used for a variety of different projects and some. If you love woodworking then Birch wood can be an ideal choice to decor your living room. See below pictures, These are birch candle holders and they are quite easy to make.

Unique DIY Home Decor Idea Birch Wood Candle Holders

It seems like I’m making or attempting to make things all the time. Mywooden projects don’t always come out the way I envision them in my head, butthis one’s a winner! I LOVE how these turned out. Actually I love each of my wooden projects. However every time I can not be successful. You can transform your home with our inspired decorating ideas like this Birch Wood Candle Holders woodworking projects.
Unique DIY Home Decor Idea Birch Wood Candle Holders

When our birch tree died, I cut up some of the smaller branches and put them on our mantel in the living room. I’ve been trying to figure out how to use the rest of the tree. I decided some sort of candle stick or tea light holderwould be great. So, this is what I made.

How to make Birch Wood Candle Holders

Last week I started working on these candle holders. 
I made them insets of 3.  I cut an 8″, 6″ and 4″ piece of a branch and then I drilledout the top with a 1 1/2″ bit. 
I had to figure out how to clamp themdown for the drilling, so the I bought a large C clap, that only cost$12.
Then I just fit placed a tea light in each one. Now when thecandle burns out, I can just replace it with another one.
These aregoing to last for years and years. I’m just so pleased with myself. Do you ever do that?  Surprise yourself with a “Wow, I did it!”.


how to make Birch Wood Candle Holders

These are going to go really well with all my Christmas decor. 
I have a lots of woodsy, pine-cone and nature like decorations with some sparkleof course. I love natural elements in my home. Oh I forgot to mention that I really love candle lights, its has a great power to create the most romantic environment. If you love rituals in nights then you will love candle lights and this Birch Wood Candle Holders will help you at the time to be creative.

Unique DIY Home Decor Idea Birch Wood Candle Holders
DIY Birch Wood Candle Holders

I’m selling the sets at a craft fair tomorrow and my family might begetting some for Christmas. Don’t birch trees just have the mostbeautiful bark? 
If you have inspiring photos of home decor ideas and interior decorating images in Good Housekeeping’s Home Decor Gallery, Woodworking projects and or wooden projects please feel free to share with me. I’d like to learn from you.

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