DIY Wooden Photo Frame: Custom Picture Frames

DIY Wooden Photo Frame: Custom Picture Frames

How to make a simple wooden frame? You will love this wooden photo frames to decorate your room. Make a DIY picture frame of any size you need WITHOUT ANY POWER TOOLS! DIY Photo Frame making tutorial will show you how easily you can make your very own Customized Wooden frame for photos.

“A picture without a frame is like a body without a soul”, already declared Vincent van Gogh. And how right he was, be favorite pictures, to put it most advantageous in scene, so framed and best yet provided with a mat.
Because the thus selected section, a certain subject intentionally, narrow down or completely exempt.

But who says that a mat must be made of paper always?
Why not just a border of the favorite materials, in my case, I tried wood. I love woodworking and Wooden crafts.
This DIY wooden craft is also quite simple and has, especially with natural motifs, a really great effect. Expect the unexpected!

DIY Wooden Photo Frame: Custom Picture Frames
wooden photo frames to decorate

What You will need to make wooden photo frame:

○ white photo frames (for example, Ribba from IKEA)
○ 4mm thin plywood from pine
○ jigsaw with a fine blade
○ fine sandpaper
○ plate
○ pencil
○ double-sided tape or hot glue gun

How to Make Wooden Photo Frame

The internal dimensions of the photo frame to take (I for the corresponding white mounts), and can cut either equal to the hardware store or home saw out himself.


centrally drawing using a small plate a circle on the wooden square and cut out with a jigsaw. grinding edge with sandpaper smooth and then stick with double sided tape or a few drops of hot glue to the front of the frame.

You see, this is really quite simple and alternatively can you the wood even IN the frame, so just after the glass insert. Beautiful, but I find when the wood before the glass is – so one can recognize the beautiful wood grain much better and it looks more vivid.

Now ready to Make your DIY wooden photo frames to decorate your home. Add this to your home decor list.

wooden photo frames to decorate

I’m curious how you like my Wooden craft  and wish you a wonderful.

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