5 Mistakes You are Making with Your Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy

FacebookAdvertising: We all know Facebook Ads is a very good platform to turnvisitors into customers, Today, I will discuss 5 Types of Marketing StrategyMistakes which you are making with Facebook Ads and they need to beavoided at any costs.
5 Mistakes You are Making with Your Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy

Mistake 1. Wrong Goals – No Idea – No Strategy

Yes, I know we all want more customers and sales, but doyou know what is the process of converting a visitor into a customer? It takes a lot of effort to think before taking an action. Ever wonderduring this cycle if a customer chooses another company? So your wholehard work is wasted, so we need to have a proper object orientedcampaign.
We can segment ad with different goals like

  • We can Have Ad for – Website Clicks / Exposure
  • We can have a Campaign for Increasing the Fan Base of your Facebook Page
  • We can have a campaign to get more engagement from people on our page & posts.
  • We can have a campaign for super deals/bundles and see how it works..
  • We can have another campaign for re-marketing purposes.

I mean these are just examples, the real goals may vary from each project to project, case to case and objective to objectives.

Mistake 2. Not Creating Enough Ads

Never ever rely on just 1 variation of your ad, one thing is lookinggood to you doesn’t necessarily mean that it looks good to the otherperson.
So try variations, keep on testing and researching — Marketing isalways about finding the new opportunities and ways to target, also wedon’t want to bore our customer by showing on the same ads all the time.

The only way to find good ads is to test, one ad workingwith a specific audience doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for every agegroup, gender or audience type. Facebook has given so many options.

Also one thing which works formost of the companies is that they have event based campaigns, somefollow deals based campaigns, however it requires a proper update onyour landing pages too, the other option could be to have separatelanding pages for everything.

Mistake 3. You can’t have all in your ad.

Don’t be greedy, you can never write everything in yoursingle ad, not only it will hurt your brand image, but it will alsode-grade your level of professionalism and will put a negative impact on your sales and current customers.

Have a look at the above ad, it’s all good that you are readingeverything about the course with all the benefits and features, maybe it will be awesome for them, but not for me.

Do you know why? I will say, simple it’s because i don’t have anyinterest developed or nor there was any curiosity in my mind to click on the link unless I have finally decided to buy this course.
This is not selling, You have to make a mind of a consumer like wefind a problem and then provide a solution and usually Problem SolvingAds start with something like this

“Do you want to be a web developer? – Learn it from scratch, Usually 199$, Today You can get it it for 79$ only”
” Find How Mr. Johnson can teach you Web Development from Scratch in just 40 hours for 79$ which is usually 199$”

Now we all know, our consumer is lazy and both ads works like a charm because we want our visitor to initiate an action.
Ad1 is Focusing on ‘Buy Now or You Will Lose Factor’
Ad 2 is Focusing on ‘Product – Price & Curiosity to learn more about the package’

However having all things in your ad will be a mess. – Do you disagree with me? Post in Comments. 

Mistake 4 : Non-Responsive Crappy Landing pages

If you don’t know what a good responsive landing page isor what a good squeeze page is then we need to talk. A simplestdefinition will be, anything which can bring sales for you is the rightone, however there are few things which need to be kept in mind beforedesigning a landing page.

  • A Professional Logo which reflects your brand image.
  • Phone Numbers/Contact Details
  • Defining your Competitive Edge with Product Features & Benefits.
  • A Contact form to capture the visitor details (For Cold Calling Purposes or those who have pre-sales questions).
  • Customer Testimonials/Case Studies
  • Your Awards & Certificates.
  • Highlighting on, Why You?
  • Any Special benefit if i buy now?

Mistake 5 :  Not Having a Positive Approach or Attitude

There are two ways to hit the customers, i know your product is going to solve their problem but let’s look at the approaches

a) Negative Approach

b) Positive Approach
Though, I know you have a great weight loss product whichis going to solve their problem BUT how you are doing it is a negativeapproach, this is hurting the emotional feelings of the consumer, thecustomer won’t like the ad it all, however if the ad is like :

Then the things are different, not only the consumer isgetting the clearer picture of what’s he/she going to get with apositive approach but he/she is also seeing a picture to imagine his/her body.

Overall, I have discussed various mistakes could be apossible reason of your Poor Conversions (Low Sales) – High Costs – Notable to Go Viral – Hurting Brand Image and others.

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