5 Techniques to Maintain Rankings Despite Google Algorithm Updates

Search Engines are continually evolving and Googlebeing the largest search engine on the internet is endlessly adaptingand evolving. SEO is the core of maintaining rankings and is your greatesttool towards making sure the viewers see your name first when searchingfor their query. These 5 techniques will help you optimize your contentto preserve your rankings while Google updates its algorithm.


Techniques to Maintain Rankings Despite Google Algorithm Updates

Utilizing similar anchor texts for search engineoptimization is a risky business since the updates can recognize theirpatterns. Going against the guidelines for using anchor text can resultin Google penalizing your page. The safest approach to avoid Google’sire is to stick with select keywords and up to ten links for a selectionof anchor texts. Many online advertisers such as Marketing Wind uses safe techniques and strategies to for anchortext so the website can remain unharmed from Google updates.

  1. Your Link Profile Matters

A well developed link profile can significantly boostyour rankings and is a more productive and suitable approach than focusingon a few, select pages for ranking on Google. Use your Google WebmasterAccount to execute link evaluation and optimize your link profile forbetter rankings.

  1. Link Building

Google’s algorithms are designed to sniff out unnaturalentities and link building is considered among them. However, as longas you adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines, link building throughpurchasing and selling is considered legitimate.

Review your link building strategy and cross referenceit with the guidelines to ensure you are not violating them. In caseyou are caught, Google has the authority to blacklist your webpage andcompletely remove you from its searches.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Nearly 80 percent of sites are accessed through mobileplatforms, so optimizing your website for mobiles is critical for success.Having mobile optimized webpage performs better and generates greaterrankings since most users access the internet through mobile devices.

Factors such as mobile adaptability, text size, siteperformance, links and how content is displayed should be adjusted sothat the site performs well on devices and receives higher ratings.As majority of viewers access websites through mobiles, you will benefitfrom greater conversion rate and higher ratings.

  1. Interactive Site for User Response

A site designed to simply publish and show contentis not enough, as users are looking towards websites which offer anenjoyable user experience with an interactive interface. Engage visitorsin your content and website through visual graphics, smart navigationand updates to increase rankings.

Perform A/B Testing by offering two different websitedesigns for users and checking which result in greater conversion rate.Ask viewers to rate the website designs to finalize which one is moreacceptable and should be implemented. 

Google is the largest search engine on the internetand is being improved repetitively with updates that make it smarter.Since Google is all about user experience, it filters out the best resultswith its advanced algorithms for search queries. By adhering to thesefive tips, you can be sure to avoid penalization by Google algorithmsand maintain your site rankings among the top searches. 

This was a guest post written by Komal Parveen. 
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Komal Parveen is the CEO of Marketing Wind and is an experiencedSEO Outreach expert and advertisement specialist. Her interests liein Digital Marketing Management. She is an internet marketing enthusiastand her specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and contentmarketing.

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