Choose Slower Pastimes To Be More Productive

Become more productive by choosing slower pastime. I have always argued that personal productivity has nothing to do with work fast, something not shared by many people, especially in the business world. I am totally against the cult of speed that prevails in our society and for years I have chosen to enjoy life instead of running behind her, no matter who it. Take a break to become more productive.

Choose Slower Pastimes To Be More Productive

Carl Honore in his book In Praise of Slowness, goes further and says that a slowing life is not only pleasant but can become more productive. It turns out that when we decrease our pace of life are able to think more, concentrate more and better, make better decisions and make fewer mistakes. We are more effective and definitely are happier.

These reasons should be more than enough for this holiday planned you enjoy slower pastimes. Leisure is a more serious matter than you think. What you do in your spare time ends to give shape and meaning to your life.

Fortunately, there seems to be a growing nostalgia for the time to do things right it was a real pleasure, much more important than doing them quickly. Hobbies like gardening, reading, painting, cooking, crafts, etc., are becoming hard and everywhere appear groups promoting such activities.

For example, there are people flocking knitting his spare time as an antidote to stress and rush of modern life. The low-tech interests help us slow down and have proved to be very therapeutic. It is curious that in a world run by technology, our interest in handmade objects is more intense than ever.

The philosophy of Slow Movement that defends Carl Honore. It is meet our commitments, clarify and make decisions about them. A humane manner and with respect, in balance with all our areas of responsibility.

When you go on vacation this summer, remember to spend time doing things that make life a pleasure, and enjoy a good meal, good conversation, exercise, socialize, read, etc. But slowly, take the time you need.

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