10 Low Cost Startup Business Ideas Under $1000

Starting a business allows an individual to make their dream come true. If you’re still stuck on startup ideas that you can launch while holding down a job, here’s some help to get you started.
Have you ever wanted to start your own business? If so, you realize that there are a lot of risks involved, not to mention that it may requireyou to take out a loan or quit your current job.
(If you have your own business ideas, here are some ways to confirm that your startup ideas is perfect)
10 Low Cost Startup Business Ideas Under $1000
In order for this to happen you must choose theright business, and you will need a lot of money to get that businessstarted.

Fortunately there are numerous low cost startup business ideas that you can start with $1000 or less in your hands. These businesses can bring plenty of profit yourway and all of the success that you are looking for. What are thosebusinesses? Take a look at these top 15 ideas and do not delay your newbusiness venture.

Party Organizer/Manager

You can be a party organizer or manager.  You can start this business without any big investment because you can rent out all things neededto arrange a party. It is a very interesting business because you get to meet new people and you can earn a lot. You must build a professionalrelationship with the companies that provide cutlery and culinaryservices because you will need to hire them.
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Consulting Service

If you own a computer (and obviously you do) all that you need to start is a computer, telephone and just a fewskills. There are many types of consultants needed around the world…andyour talents can turn into great success.

Cake Decorating Business

A cake decorating business is fun ifyou’re creative, and with a bit of time and experience can be highlyprofitable. Even better you can easily start this small business withless than $1000 in cash needed. You can start in home and move to a shop when things improve. Designing wedding cakes, birthday, anniversary-the possibilities are endless!


It can promote events, products, and services of entrepreneurs andsmall business owner who don’t have enough funds to market theirproducts or event. You can use different platforms land techniques likesocial media marketing, flyer distribution to promote other people’sstuff. You can take multiple orders with $1000 in your hand because most orders will not exceed $400 and you must ask for 50% payment upfront.


There are tons of different ways thatyou can freelance yourself, and in most cases you need only a computer,telephone and a few other items to get started, all of which will setyou back under $1000. Whether you’re a writer or an editor or a customer service agent or something else, you can set your own prices, work your own hours and become quite successful in your business.

Buy a Franchise

While you may be unable to franchise aMcDonald’s or a Dunkin’ Donuts if you have only $1000 to invest, butthere still are many low cost franchises that you can start with this amount of money.


You can teach other what you know best. You don’t need to be agraduate to teach other. There are lots of non-academic stuff thatpeople want to learn. You can teach your language, decorative skill,magic tricks, painting techniques, online earning methods, dancing,writing, modeling, and other such skill. You can do tutoring in yourhome or rent a special building for it. It will be better if you hiretutors to complement your tuition center.
You must select the business which suits your skills and interests.All of these ideas are very effective and promising but all of them need one thing; your commitment and dedication. You can buy products andservices but these two attributes are priceless. You have to dedicateyourself to your cause. Select the appropriate business after carefulconsideration and then stick to it.

Day Care

If you have a special way with children, opening an in-home daycare could be a profitable way to become abusiness owner with $1000 or less. Keep in mind there may be licensingrequirements so make sure that you follow all of the rules andregulations.

Answering Service

Many companies rely on an answeringservice to handle their afterhours calls, emails, etc. Starting ananswering service and handling their needs is a great way to make aprofit and become a successful business owner.

Home-Based Selling

Home-based selling is an alternate solution if you can’t afford orwant to get a shop or warehouse. You sell your products online with thehelp of e-retailers like Amazon and eBay. These retailers will chargetheir commission but your products will get serious exposure. You cansuccessfully sell all types of products there because all types ofpeople visit these websites to get their desired products.

Turn Your Hobby into Profit

Do you enjoy scrapbooking, photographyor crafting? All of these passions and hobbies could turn into cash andyou need far less than $1000 to get started.

Personalized Products

Businesses depend on personalized products to help market their brand, and offering these items to them is a great way to start your own business. From t-shirts to hats to ink pens to computer mouse pads and more,printing the business name on these products can be beneficial foreveryone. A small imprinter and a few products to get started and you’re set to go!

Pet Grooming Services

People love to have clean and beautiful pets. You can help them tofulfill their desire by offering pet grooming services. You can launch a saloon for pets where people can bring their pets for grooming. You can provide service of the shower, hair cutting, teeth whitening, and other such services. You can rent a shop and buy all necessary equipment in$1000

Home Cleaning

Is making a home shine your cup of tea?If so start your own mini- home cleaning company and take things to alarge scale down the line. A few supplies and cleaning products, a bitof insurance and advertising and you’re all set. Companies and familiesneed housecleaning services so you’re definitely going to find yourselfmaking a ton of profit.


The easiest way for you is to directly join the e-commerce platform of eBay, although nowadays, an increasing number of companies offer dropshipping options to their partners, too. Whether you will spend 500 euro or 1000 euro is up to you, but the bigger the investment, the bigger the profit. The only expenses you will have are linked to the fees for product ad posts, as well as for building an online shop, where you can freely upload your products for selling.

You have unique writing talent? Or maybe you have a philosophy or a literature major? Well, the internet desperately needs you, because copywriting has become an irreplaceable part of online business!

These are but 15 of the amazingstart-ups for you to consider if you have less than $1000 to getstarted. Which is most appealing to you?

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