The Do’s & Don’ts for Building a Successful Brand

As people unite with their names and become more meaningful, products,services and companies also unite with their names and they survive with them. The brand name must complete the inside and the outside of thebrand and match with its strategy because the brand name is the drivingforce behind the brand’s communication strength that creates a spot forthe brand in people’s hearts and minds. 
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The Do's & Don'ts for Building a Successful Brand

Choosing a brand name is not an easy task at all. It is a process and it has to be done professionally. However, unfortunately most of thetimes this very important factor is left behind and is only thoughtafter everything else is ready. When that is the case, it is extremelyhard to find the right name in such a short time left until the launchof a new product or a company. Some names are thought in a hurry, someare liked because there is not much time left but they cannot beregistered. Then panic starts.

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Then a great idea comes to mind: “Weshould find an expert” But there is not enough time to talk about thebrand and let it be analyzed. “We need a name by tomorrow. We need toget it registered.” This is how the brand name is ordered. However, thebest name can be “created” after a deep analysis of the brand, afterunderstanding its strategy, its story and its objectives. There is agood chance that the name would be wrong if enough time is not spent tounderstand the brand.

Do not say “what is so difficult in finding a name? I can just get adictionary and chose a name that I like” or “my cousin is very creative, I am sure he can find a good name for me”. Finding the right brand name is not that easy. Do not underestimate it. You cannot find the rightname while you are in the shower, or while you are driving, or you arebrainstorming. The brand name should be registerable so it can beprotected. It should deliver some ideas, some messages about the brand.It should be supporting its strategy. It should be different than thecompetitors’. And so on.

Here are some right and wrong things to do while finding a brand name:
Do not believe you can find the right name while doing the following (there might be some exceptions)

  • Showering
  • Driving
  • Calling your creative cousin or nephew for help
  • Half an hour brainstorming with a group of friends or co-workers
  • Looking at a dictionary
  • Surfing on the internet

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So, how can you find the right brand name?
Yes, you can do the things above as well. However, additionally you need to be doing the following:

  • Analyze your brand deeply
  • Understand your brand’s strategy
  • Define the brand’s personality
  • Know well about the product or service
  • Have a good knowledge of different languages
  • Know the power and the meanings of letters
  • Do some research in various books and different fields of study
  • Consider semantics and morphology
  • Be creative and create as many different alternatives as possible
  • Group various thoughts and be able to control them
  • Develop creativity in the limits set by the strategy
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