Top Reasons to Get a Divorce: Is it Time to Walk Away?

Marriage is not an easy commitment as many people think. Couples rarelythink about the complexities of having one partner to spend the rest oftheir lives with. Instead, most couples think no further than theirhoneymoon plans when planning their marriages. They never take the timeto think and master all the challenges that are involved in marriage.With all the challenges involved in, it takes more than just maturityand love to commit and have to spend day after day, week after week,month after month with one partner.

In today’s stress-full world, it virtually takes more than love tomake a marriage work. Even though love is important, couples needexcellent communication skills, flexibility, ability to understand oneanother, awareness, and many other virtues to create a fruitful andlong-term marriage. Lack of these virtues, plus other life challengessuch as job loss, sickness, accidents, and children, can add to thecomplexities of marriage. Notwithstanding these challenges, what aresome of the reasons that can make an individual consider contacting a divorce attorney? Here are some of the top reasons that may heavily indicate that it isthe right time to get divorced and walk out of your marriage.

Abuse in Marriage

Living under one roof with a partner who always batters you can betotal hell. In fact, it is obviously not within the moral boundaries ofmarriage to stay with a partner who abuses you in any way. Every couple, or partner for that matter, has all the rights to feel physically,mentally, emotionally and sexually safe in their marriages. Therefore,it is never healthy to stay in an abusive marriage. Any signs of abuseshould swing your mind to getting divorced.

Infidelity in Marriage

Even though infidelity in marriages can be rectified throughcounseling, it is one of the most uncouth marriage behaviors that should have you talking to your divorce lawyers. We may be living in asexually tolerant society, but the truth is, infidelity is morallywrong, especially in marriage. By discovering that your partner ischeating on you, you will probably have to deal with numerous traumasthat can be utterly difficult to recover from. Consider moving forwardwith your life from these wounds of infidelity by getting divorced,particularly if your partner is a constant infidel.

Lack of Mutual Respect

More often than not, fruitful and long-term marriages are built onmutual respect between couples. It is one of the most importantfoundations of marriage. Therefore, when one partner or both stopshowing respect for one another, then the marriage is doomed, and little can be done to make it work. Lack of mutual respect is one of thebiggest reasons behind divorces. Thus, you should consider gettingdivorced when the respect between you and your spouse diminish.

Harmful Addictions in Marriages

It is evidently true that people can get addicted to certain drugsubstances, activities, behaviors, and to some extent, other people.Whether it is gambling, drug abuse or any other sort of harmfulactivity, addictions will wreck an individual’s life, as well as theirmarriages. In most cases, an addicted person will usually portraybehaviors that are not beneficial to the marriage. These individuals not only stand to lose their jobs but are also likely to betray maritaltrust, steal and lie. Any signs of extreme addictions should be a signenough for you to consider getting divorced.

Constant Criticism and Blames

Having a spouse who is always criticizing, degrading and blaming youcan be emotionally difficult to deal with. Add this to a spouse who will never take responsibility for their faults and actions, blames youconsistently, is argumentative, nasty and moody, and consider yourmarriage done. Such spouses will not only instill fear and insecurity in you but will also destroy your self-esteem. Be prepared to file for a divorce when these negative behaviors are taking their toll on your marriage.

Excessive Control, Possessiveness and Self-Centered

An understanding spouse in marriage will always support you in having your life, outside friends, and interests. He/she will never feelintimated and make you feel guilty. It is essential to be cautious of apartner who exerts excessive control, possessiveness and isself-centered. For that reason, consider getting a divorce if your partner constantly wants to know where you are, where you go,who you talk to and every inch of the amount you spend on a daily basis.

Every marriage is bound to face numerous challenges that will testthe patience of both spouses. Disagreements will be rife, andtemptations may come from many directions. Nevertheless, you shouldnever stay in a marriage with a partner who is abusive, lacks respectand is possessive. Whether your partner is a constant negative critic,an addict, or is unfaithful, you should brace yourself to the idea of getting divorced. However, you should never give up on your marriage before tryingcounseling, which can be highly useful, especially when there is acandid desire to change within both spouses. It all else fails youshould contact a divorce attorney to explore your options. The worstthing you would do is try and be your own lawyer.

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