Mistake That Commit Insurance As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs often makes some common mistakes to run their business. But who makes less mistakes got success finally. You should be careful and be able to taken care of your business development process to achieve your business goal. 
Mistake That Commit Insurance As An Entrepreneur

The first mistake I want you to tell isnot an error in itself, but if it is a curious situation that occursoften and is a cyclical process in which we learn and unlearn thingswithout realizing it. When there is a determined person take firstdecides imbibe information about other entrepreneurs who have alreadybeen through this before: courses, interviews, blogs startups… in order to avoid at all costs the same mistakes other entrepreneurs.

All this is fine because it brings a lot of spirit and learns certain concepts that are essential to face a process like this:

– How to develop your value proposition

– Define the feasibility of your project

– Make a complete plan resource

You commit errors that insurance as entrepreneur

Academic learning is important andnecessary but certain lessons only learn in the field. Some of themistakes you have committed many numbers are as follows:

1- Poor management of emotions: Whenyou’re in the process is too complicated to be like an ice, reflectiveand analytical block 100% as uncertainty will play tricks at some point. Being more specific, over excitement can lead to precipitation andsevere depressive state can make you leave at a key moment to persevereand see the first positive results.

2- “Pride and ego power”: When you’vebeen in a few battles and you’ve had your way, it is very possible thatyour self – esteem rises and you are comfortable with it. That hasnothing wrong and is extremely comforting but can make up the personalego too much. Many new business opportunities have been lost pride andthat’s likely to happen to you at some point in your life.

3- Predictions wrong market: The marketalmost never reacts as you’d imagined at an early stage. You always have to make adjustments and surprises (they can also be positive) occurring between variations and optimizations of your products or services.

4- Further accommodation to success: Ithink this is almost a reflex action. When the results arrive, oftenafter much effort, we lift off the throttle and relaxation overtakes the environment. You have to think that markets today, and especiallydigital, are very changeable. What sells and generates customers today,tomorrow can become a happy memory. Innovation, learning and seeking new opportunities that should be a continuous feedback continuously assetsof your business cycle.

5- Trusting any wrong person: I hate tosay it but at some point someone will sell “a motorcycle” that youshould not buy. If it happens, do not torture yourself too much, youtake extra precautions to the next and eventually learn to rely onpeople to go slowly and unhurriedly to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6- Losing focus: This error we have two versions:

  • The new startups coming to market with a portfolio too broad and worked
  • Companies consolidated airs that do not related to its core business branch own investments.
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