10 Guaranteed Ways to Become a Famous Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs wants to make a better fortune and wants to become famous. The truth is that as an entrepreneur, it ispossible to make a fortune without being famous. However, it is indeedunlikely to be a popular entrepreneur in your city, country or on aglobal stage and not make a fortune. The bottom line is that yourpopularity as a person (personal brand), has a direct (positive) impacton your businesses (business brands).

10 Guaranteed Ways to Become a Famous Entrepreneur

There are several ways anentrepreneur can become famous, and you don’t necessarily need to bedeliberate about becoming famous when you set out to start yourbusiness. If you do the right things, you are most likely going tobecome famous. At the same time, you can set a goal for yourself as anentrepreneur who wants to become famous and if you work towards becoming famous, then you are likely going to achieve your goal.

It is important to state that becoming famous as an entrepreneur has its own challenges and once you become famous, you must continuously workhard so that you do not lose your good will in the hearts of your fans,amongst others. You should be conscious of your words and actions aswell.
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Now lets us quickly consider 10 guaranteed ways to become a famous entrepreneur;

10 Guaranteed Ways to Become a Famous Entrepreneur

1. Set-Out to Solve a Major Problem in the Society

The cheapest way of becoming famous as an entrepreneur is to proffer asolution to a major problem / challenge in the society. There is hardlyanybody who has solved a major challenge in our world that was notrewarded with fame and fortune.
Bill Gates solved a problem in the IT world and he was rewarded with fame and fortune, Henry Ford solved a problem in the Automobile industry and he was rewarded with fame andfortune, Steve Jobs solved a problem in the ICT industry and he was also rewarded with fame and fortune, this can also apply to you as you looktowards becoming famous as an entrepreneur, then you look for a pressing problem in your community or even the world and proffer a solution toit.
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2. Engage in Community Social Responsibility Programs

Business owners are now aware more than ever before that they are not inbusiness to only acquire wealth but also to give back to the society.There are several things that you can do as an entrepreneur in yourcommunity that will be of a huge benefit to the community and also giveyou recognition. For example; you can build a civic center in thecommunity where you do business, you can build bridges, repair damagedroads or even build schools and hospitals as long as you have thefinancial capacity to handle the project.
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3. Sponsor Community Based Programs

Another means of becoming a famous entrepreneur is to sponsor a community based program. It could be a beauty pageant, an inter – school debatecompetition, it could be a sporting event and it could be a culturalevent. The idea is that once people get to know that you are the sponsor of a community based program, then they will tend to want to know about you and your business.
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4. Position Your Business to Take the Lead in Your Industry

The leader of the pack is always easily noticed; if you are the leader ofyour industry, then you can easily become famous. In order to positionyour business to become the leader of your industry, you must becreative, and innovative.

5. Treat Your Customers with Utmost Regard

When you go the extra mile to treat your customers with utmostregard, you are likely going to become famous because a truly satisfied customer would always tell their friends and family members about you(your business) and that in a feat will help spread your fame in yourcommunity.

6. Ensure That Your Goods and Services are of Highest Standard

If you intend becoming famous as an entrepreneur, then you should nevercompromise things when it comes to the quality of your goods andservices. When your products are of the highest standard, then itbecomes easier for people to talk about it in good light.

7. Be Willing and Free To Grant Press Interviews

When you are doing the right thing, pressmen and presswomen will always want to interview you. The truth is that the press has what it takes to make anybody famous or infamous. That is why you must deliberately court the press as an entrepreneur who intend becoming famous.
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8. Start Blogging on Relevant Subjects

Much more than designing a product that will help proffer solution in yourindustry, you can also start blogging on relevant subjects in yourindustry. When you blog regularly on a subject matter, it is easier forpeople to see you as an expert especially if the contents on your blogare helpful.
For example; if you own a paint production company,you can start blogging on topics that deals with the psychology ofpaints, when to paint an apartment / facility, the best colorcombinations et al. on the other hand, or if you are into the sale ofsmart phones, you can blog on how to maintain smart phones, how to getthe best from smart phones and any other related subject matter.
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9. Become an Advocate for a Cause in Your Community / City

You don’t necessarily need to be a lawyer or an activist before you canadvocate for any cause. If you are a successful entrepreneur and thepoor and the down trodden see you as someone who is interested in theirwelfare, they will always sing your praises and that is a way ofbecoming famous as an entrepreneur.
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10. Consciously Guard Your Character cum Reputation with All Diligence

Lastly, if you want to become famous as an entrepreneur, then you should do all it takes to consciously guard your character cum reputation with alldiligence. Someone once said, if you lose your money you’ve lostsomething but if you lose your character you’ve lost everything. (read: 7 Characteristics Of Entrepreneur)

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