How to Be Successful in Life – 7 Steps to Achieve Success

How much of your success would you say is up to you—your choices, your actions, your behaviors—versus outside conditions? If your mind-set is that you’re at least 85% responsible for yoursuccess—and that just 15% depends on the way the wind blows—you’lllikely be successful.  If you blame your problems and failures—big orsmall, personal or professional—on other people, circumstances beyondyour control, or just plain bad luck, you may be doomed to fail.

How to Be Successful in Life - 7 Steps to Achieve Success

“I always like to define success as the progressive, day-to-day realization of personal, preplanned worthwhile goals.”
Therefore, success is never a destination; it’s more of a journey, a never ending one.

How to be successful in life #1: Don’t Look Behind

There are men and women that have tried and lost. But again, there have alsobeen a few who have weathered the storm, walked into the deepestcrevices, dug out and stood before the light basking in their successful achievements.

It’s easy to sit back and be content, but thenwhat is the difference between you and the billion other people who live and die on the face of this planet, doing nothing more but weighing itdown, and wishing to be more successful in life?

You have thepower to go on, and make a difference. The man or woman who has sweatedblood and worn their feet has always reached their personal mountaintop. When you think of taking that next step, it might be adaunting task, but the person who wants to move ahead trusts himself orherself and takes a chance. And the person who keeps looking back over their shoulder can do no more than get scared and turn back.

You can learn how to be successful in life from people like Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump have been through the roughest phases of their life.
One, a content life which will be forgotten by everyone when you die. Andthe other, you will die, but you will be remembered every single day for many years to come. Which life would you rather lead?

How to be successful in life #2: Ideas

Successful peopleconstantly come up with new ideas, new projects, and new and innovativeways of helping others. They also test the veracity of these ideas fromconsulting with others, and take others ideas as well. Every greatproject and success story starts with a simple idea, sometimes evenhastily scribbled onto a dinner napkin.

How to be successful in life #3: Seek knowledge, not results.

If you focus on the excitement of discovery, improving, exploring and experimenting, your motivation will always be fueled. If you focus only on results, your motivation will be like weather—it will die the minute you hit a storm. So the key is to focus on the journey, not the destination. Keep thinking about what you are learning along the way and what you can improve.

How to be successful in life #4: Learn from past

Learn from your pastexperience, and try not to repeat your mistakes. If you were notsuccessful in achieving something earlier on, analyze the reasons ofyour failure. Please don’t cry over spilled milk, its already on thefloor go get some new milk.

How to be successful in life #5: Get rid of distractions.

Meaningless things and distractions will always be in your way, especially those easy, usual things you would rather do instead of focusing on new challenging and meaningful projects. Learn to focus on what is the most important. Write a list of time-wasters and hold yourself accountable to not do them.

How to be successful in life #6: Have Money Available

Not all projects need to cost money … but having some spare cash availableis still a good idea. If you can save up a small emergency fund,unexpected crises are much less likely to derail all your good plans.And if you find you need to invest in some software for your newbusiness, or your redecorating costs end up higher than expected, youdon’t have to worry about spending the money.

If you set asidejust $10 each week, you’ll have $520 at the end of the year. It’s not afortune – but it could easily be enough to make the difference betweenfailure and success.

How to be successful in life #7: Get Help and Support

Having a bit of help from family, friends or colleagues – or simply some friendly support – can make a world of difference. Sometimes, this means direct assistance: your best friend might come over at the weekend to help you redecorate.

Often, though, the help and support from the people around you comes a little more indirectly. It might be your parents taking care of the kids for a few hours so you can work on your book, or your spouse taking care of the chores while you write your business plan.

—— It will take along time and a lot of practice to become a “successful person” for youand anyone. You should have to learn not to put yourself down, toforgive your won mistakes, to give yourself permission to try again. 

You must have to learn to accept yourself, good and bad. It’s not easy andyou need a long term practice with well motivation. But having even alittle self-love will be great help in reaching your goal.

Do you have any great success tips to add? Or is there something from this list that you want to try in your own life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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