4 Best Wishes For New Business & Entrepreneurs

We The Online-Living-Blog team, Wishing happy new year 2017 to them, entrepreneurs who changed the world. We at Online-Living-Blog working as a digital venture. Our entrepreneur team wishes a prosperous 2017 to all readers, contributors, advertisers and all of you, who are reading this.

Let no one tell you that you can’t

4 Best Wishes For New Business & Entrepreneurs

The world is full of people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams, don’t allow them to tell you that you can’t, that it is difficult, to remain still when you have to move. I hope nobody ever tells them that what they want is impossible and if a person comes to shout in the ear that they can not or are weak, away, run like someone who flees from a hungry bear in the middle of a haunted forest, Do not allow your unfounded statement to crush them. In return, take inspiration from the great, the daring, the crazy… do not be afraid of madness, be your accomplice.

Learn the lesson

There are no lesson without mistake. I wish that they have many mistakes and that they learn many lessons and move to the path they seek to travel, only that is possible, in this world of those who undertake, those who initiate, those who risk: there are no shortcuts or paths traced. Remember that the best things are born of mistakes.

That they are passionate about what they do

You have to do what you love, there is no other way to feel good and in harmony. No matter what you do, your inner voice is stronger than any recognition, any amount of money or any friendship. I want you to find what you are passionate about and to discover soon enough to develop it to its fullest potential. Besides, I wish you don’t stop doing what you like, for nothing in the world. Unless you find a new and refreshing passion.

Make the world change

The entrepreneurs of the world are the ones who will change the world, without fear of being wrong. They are the solvers, the brave ones, who modify the rules. 
I wish that the entrepreneurs have the courage to make a project something bigger, that transcends borders, social classes and disciplines, that nobody stops them and that they are not afraid of the word yes:

“I have always been a devotee of the word ‘yes’, yes to life, yes to create what I believe in myself and my circumstances, yes to reinvent more than to rediscover me, yes to risk, yes to commitment, yes Miracles and realities, yes to events that surprise and transform, yes to the ‘yes’. The word ‘yes’, seems exquisite, open, surprising, generous, lively, compromising,”.

The entrepreneurs who changed the world, do you know all of them? many of you don’t know them, for example I can mention few name here.

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