Working With Brands to Write Sponsored Post That Make Money

Sponsored content raising it’s demand when it comes to earning money by work from home or make money online. Working with brands & writing sponsored posts on blogs is one of the best source of online income for bloggers and social media marketers. Weather you are writing for a part-time blogging job or full time work at home mom, You can earn pretty good amount of money. To me, Sponsored content is the best way I’m generating revenue from my niche blogs. 

One of the things thatmost attracts new bloggers is the ability to collaborate with brands, to try “free” products and to monetize the content of their blog. But toget started working with brands and writing an effective sponsored article that makes you cash, needs to know a lot about behind the screen and also needs toknow how to approach the brands. Why?
Because the reality is this: there arehundreds of people like you, trying to do the same. Trying to make money by writing sponsored reviews and attract new customers and brands. So, what does itdepend on the brands to notice what you do?

Working With Brands to Write Sponsored Post That Make Money

Of course, I’m no experton the subject, but over the years I’ve been working with the blog I’velearned a few interesting things about this. Although the content ofthis blog is not mostly sponsored (nor do I want it to be), I have tried different ways to work with companies looking to collaborate, or simply send me their products for testing.

What is a Sponsored Blog Post?

“Promoting a product or brand on writing details review about the product or service, and publish it to get paid or exchanging with that brands product is actually a sponsored blog post”. Let me simplify, When you publish any article by taking money from the brand or service is sponsored blog post. Sponsored blog post can be written by the advertisers, brand, service owner or can be written by you. However, If you write for the brand, you may charge higher than the regular price depending on the product you are going to write reviews. 
If you wants to write sponsored content and make money blogging, You should know How to get started and what to do to become successful review writer. Here in this article I want to share my story which may inspire you to know how to make money with sponsored blog post:

How to Work With Brands as a Blogger?

I’ll tell you the big secret… work hard on your content! And doing itbetter than the others. That’s what will make them want to work withyou. How do you do that? Well it is not easy, the truth, because as Isaid before today anyone can have a blog and there is a lot ofcompetition, but if what you write is good, you don’t have to worry. If you have quality content on your blog, the brands will reach you.


This is the key to get a successful sponsored blog post offer, and you will see the result in the long run. Always try to publish at the same day you usually used to publish your article. It’s very important. Why? It helpsreaders to know what to expect from your blog, makes you more visible insearch engines and gives a good basis to the brands to know what and how you write. You don’t need to publish every day if you don’t seeyourself able to generate so much content, just do it once a week tostart, but be constant. Quality is more important than the quantity.

You Should Write Your Own Content

Sponsored blog post: For me there havealways been two types of blogs: those of own content and those thatcollect content from other sites. If you want to work with brands,create your own content. Value your customer/ readers. Don’t write for yourself or only what you love. Write for your readers and focus on what the audience love. Based on your writing style and niche, create a business lifestyle and it’s better to avoid personal lifestyle. Don’t copy-paste from other blogs, it won’t give you any value, moreover Google can penalized your blog for copping. 
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Take care of the photos & the design of your blog 

I’m not saying anything new about sponsored blog post, but it’s also super important. If you were abrand, who would you choose to promote? Someone with a sloppy template,with a thousand different design elements that don’t stick to eachother? Or someone who takes pictures with poor lighting or where it best suits him? Well, that. Although it may not seem like it, brands are making an investment and will choose the best they find, as you would.

Brand image effects on sponsored blog post

Make your brand image consistent because it gives you more credibility. Your logo, blog, accounts in social networks, business cards… must be awhole, a set that says the same thing: who you are and what you do.Without any doubt. From time to time you spend a couple of hoursreviewing your profiles on social networks to keep them consistent.

What if I want to be the one who gets in touch with a brand or company?

I have never written a brand to ask them for a collaboration or aproduct. I have my reasons, of course. And the main thing is that I want them to be interested in me (for this reason I also do lesscollaborations and sponsored posts). If a brand writes to me to workwith me, I know it’s because they really like what I do, because theyhave been “researching” me and that is going to make the collaborationmuch more enjoyable and fruitful for both parties. It is my vision ofthings, but it does not have to be yours, especially if you areinterested in monetizing your site. In case you are the one who wants to work with a brands.
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Write to the right person

Before youlaunch like crazy and send an email, take a look around your web andlook for the email address of the person you are interested in. That is, look for the address of an editor (if there are several differentaccording to sections or departments, find out who is the contact person that best suits what you need). And if you can not find the rightemail, write asking who you have to go to make a proposal, beforesending anything else.

By the way, something very important isknowing the name of the person you are going to write. You don’t knowthe e-mails that have come to me that were addressed to me as if we were several people, or worse, with a name other than mine. I assure youthat when I get an email like this, I don’t care what I propose because I say NO.
Show your interest knowing who the person you are heading to, so they will see that you have taken the trouble to find out.

Don’t present with empty hands

Imagine the number of bloggers who write every day to brands. And they simplytell them “I would like to test your products and make a post talkingabout them”. Aha, that’s fine, but anyone can do it (and that’s whatthey do).

If you want them to work with you, you also have towork hard. Think of that brand that you love, with which you want tocollaborate. 

  • What could you do with your products? 
  • How would you usethem? Could you do a tutorial with them? Maybe a recipe? 
  • Can I design apattern for your wool? 

All of these are examples that will varydepending on the type of blog you have, but I think you’re getting the idea.
When you write, don’t ask, offers. Give an idea of​​something you could do differently, other than making four pictures of the product and talking about it as if you were a parrot. That kind ofadvertising or promotion can do it with anyone, but only you can offersomething original that goes beyond.

When Is the Best Time to Work With Brand as Blogger

There is no fixed moment for all people, it will depend on the path that your blog takes. But I can give you some recommendations:

  • Expect to have a constant publishing pace with which you feel comfortable. 
  • Have enough posts, so that someone will find very helpful, enjoyable, if they enter to your blog. 
  • The number of visits is not the most important in the world, there arebrands that matter to them and others to which they don’t. A goodstarting point would be to expect to have a minimum of 1000 visits perday (or a number close to this figure). 
  • You feel comfortable with your writing style and you know how to say what you want to say in your posts.

How much should I charge for sponsored posts

At first the most common thing is that the “payment method” you use is theproduct itself. But look, don’t be fool yourself, because in the long runyou should change this for real money. 
In case you didn’t know, thevast majority of bloggers who are sure to continue to charge (and muchmore than you think) in cash besides staying with the product theypromote.

Brandshardly have to send your products, are advertising expenses with thosewho have and have a budget for it. If you promote your articles withoutfurther ado, you are getting them for free. Keep it in mind whenaccepting a collaboration and think if it really pays to do it and ifwhat you are going to win justifies the effort to write a post, makephotos, edit, etc. That is work for you and work as such should beremunerated. Don’t be afraid to charge them, if they are interested inwhat you do and you are reasonable, they won’t reject you.

Value, How much do I get to write sponsored blog post?

Again, there is no figure that can serve as a basis. Analyze the statistics on your site, ask other colleagues about how much they are charging forcollaborations of the same type, and ask yourself how much you think isfair.

There are also brands and companies that will directly tell you what they are willing to pay for the collaboration. I wish it werealways like this!

How do I integrate a sponsored blog post in my site without disengaging my readers?

This is the one million question. And for me it has always had a very simple answer: keeping your style and offering something that interests thepeople who follow you. Obviously, I know, but when you have the optionof earning money for posting in your hand, some people prefer pasta atthe expense of everything else. And the readers realize. Think that they always read to you and in some way they know you. They know when you’re not you.

Should Bloggers Accept All Sponsored Posts That Propose You?

Choose only what really interests your readers and audience. If you write about nature andoutdoor getaways, don’t do a sponsored post talking about a taxadvisory service, for example. If you are crafter, logically don’t talk about a vehicle sales portal.
Sometimes it’s not so easy todiscern whether you should accept a proposal or not. Talk to a friend,ask their opinion, think as if you were an additional reader of your site.

And always, always, even if you get a collaboration that does not interestyou, respond to the email. Explain briefly why you think it does not fit for your blog, be sincere and also help them to better choose the sites topromote themselves.

Do it yourself: write sponsored blog post 

Today thereare many brands that offer you a post already written about what youhave to promote. Reject this option every time. And if you are forced to be the ones who write the post, say no. Only you know your style andwe’ve talked about how important it is. Sponsored post should be written by you.


There are those who say that they don’t trust someone who promotes a product if they have charged for it. I can not be more against this. Becausethere are thousands of things that I would not give a face for as longas they paid me. And when I write a sponsored post I’m not only charging for advertising a brand, I’m mostly charging for the effort to writethat post. If you want to keep your readers happy, talk onlyabout things that you really like to use personally. You know what thesaying goes, what you don’t want for yourself…
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Have you ever glanced at the pages of a fashion magazine? You’ll see thatthere are ten pages of ads followed only by a couple of pages ofcontent. Avoid this happening on your site, because if someone wants toget their eyes on advertising or promotions about something, you already have to watch TV. There are many content available on the web,thousands of blogs, and it is very easy for a person to stop reading you if you lose your essence in exchange for a few euros.

Sponsored posts are not the devil. If you do it right, it can be beneficial toyou and the brand you promote, without sacrificing readers (who alsohave to understand that you have to earn a living). The key is tomaintain authenticity and to alternate with the usual content, that’s agood way to summarize it. And as a final detail, don’t forget to tellyour readers that the post they have read is sponsored! You can indicate it at the end of the entry to make it less intrusive, they will thankyou equally.

Things to remember to write sponsored posts

For sponsored posts, you’re hired to compose a branded story to run on your site and promote it across your platforms. If you have any question on ” how to write sponsored blog post” You can ask in comment box, or any opinion/ experience you have while you write sponsored blog post, please share with us.

  • Trust and authenticity are important for blogging
  • Don’t mislead your readers
  • Write sponsored blog post for the first time may take long time, but once you write 3/4 sponsored blog post, you will get more and more sponsored content offers from brands.
  • Be honest to write the truth, even if it goes negative effect for the advertiser. 
  • Check again and again if you made any accidental mistake before click on publish.
  • Don’t forget SEO. Use “rel=nofollow” tag when using hyper links. Google may suspend your blog if you don’t follow Google’s guide to write paid article. 
  • Don’t try to sell. Show the advantage of the product. 
  • If you are new blogger, start charging from lower than your competitor. 
  • Accept the paid reviews only if you can be confident to write well about the product.
  • Keep in mind, you’re hired to compose a branded story (not creating new one, but you are remaking, or writing the same story creatively in different view and style.) to publish on your blog & promote it across your platforms.

I’ve been thinking about making a series of entrieslike this one, dedicated to those who start a blog or just want to makeprogress with what they already have. You sponsored blog post is your personal opinion and recommendation to your readers who trust you. Don’t be cheap and don’t post for money. You will lose your readers if they found you are trying to make them fool and making money.

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