Where is Santa Claus? How to Track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas!: Where is Santa? The little ones who are waiting for gifts from Santa and want to know where is Santa Claus right now, Santa tracker will help them to find where Santa is right now and when He will arrive in your area to bless you with his wrapped gifts and chocolates. 
You can monitor Santa Claus movement using internet from any device.
Santa Claus began histraditional Christmas tour by all countries in the world with his bagfull of gifts. This year will be easier than ever to locate it on theworld map thanks to Santa Tracker, an application designed by Google.

Where is Santa Claus? How to Track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

Need to track Santa, when he will arrive in your city? Check out this. 

  • Where is Santa Claus right Now?

Right now Santa Claus is in Santa’s Village, North Pole. Its 10 hours until Santa departs from his village. I recommend you to use app www.google.com/santatracker to know the real time updates where santa is at on google map. Also You can use website noradsanta.org to track Santa.

You better be careful,you better not cry, you better not pout. With these solutions, you willsee for yourself that Santa comes to your city. So you won’t miss anything you could get from Santa! Cheers… Merry Christmas! 

However, Santa Claus address is: Santa Claus’ Main Post Office, Santa Claus Village, FIN-96930 Arctic Circle. US. You can find him here 365 days a year.

How to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve from any device

Christmas Eve, Santa tracker: The gifts are wrapped, the tree is above and the stockings will soon behung by the fireplace with care. 
There’s only one thing left to do:track Santa’s annual trip around the world from your PC, smartphone ortablet. Don’t miss the chance to be blessed by Santa, comes once every year in December 25.

  • When does Santa start his journey

Santa officially begins his annual walk around 10 pm UTC onDecember 24, which is 5 a.m. East / 2 a.m. Pacific. Here is how to keep a check on Santa’s trip in this year and follow some applications or pages, so you won’t lose anything of the journey.
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  • Norad Santa Tracker

It has been 61 years since a badly printed phone number in a newspaper advertisement led the children in the Colorado Springs area to call the predecessor of NORAD, CONAD, in search of Santa Claus. As usual, the fun begins atNoradSanta.org, where you can find games, videos, music and stories topass the time. 
Once Santa’s sleigh is lifted from the North Pole, thewebsite will follow Santa on a map and link to YouTube video updates. Norad Santa tracker also has smartphone apps for iphone and android to keep tracking updates link between people and Santa.
Learn more about NORAD Santa tracker on Wikipedia.

  • How to track Santa using NORAD

Windows users have the option to visit NoradSanta.org directly on their browser or download the application from the Windows store. You’ll also findapplications for iOS and Android.

If you want to get updatedinformation about Santa in social networks, you can follow Santa NORADon Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you are using iPhone, iPad to track Santa, you can use this Santa tracker on iTune Apple Store.

  • Whats more on this Christmas Eve?

Site includes some new elements as well asmany old classics such as Jetp Elf game and coding challenges. But Imust admit that I am devastated this year, as it seems that the noveltyof Santa’s phone call has disappeared from the lineup. I am writing this on December 24 and it does not look good. 
This was my personal favorite vacation distraction, because it allowed me to send hilarious style phone calls from Santa to friends in the United States andCanada. 
I found that Santa’s calls, although deliberately designed to be ridiculous, always brought a special smile to recipients regardless ofage. If you don’t want to use the Google website on your mobiledevice, the company offers its annual Android app, which includessupport for Chromecast and Android TV so you can see Santa on the bigscreen.
There are also some games exclusive to Android apps that you won’t find on the main website, as well as support for Android Wearand Cardboard.

  • Santa Tracker on Google Chrome at Christmas Eve

Chrome users can install the Google Extension fortimely updates without having to navigate to Google’s webpage. Santatracking is done by right clicking on the Google search engine. Simplytype something like “where’s Santa” and you’ll see an update at the topof the results page.

Google is also adding some Santa magic to Google Assistant, the integrated answering assistant on the Google Pixelphone, the Google Allo messenger app and Google Home. You can ask theGoogle Assistant “Where is Santa?” Or “Follow Santa”. That last commandalso works with Google Now. The Google Assistant also has someSanta-flavored jokes when you ask the attendee something like “Tell me a Santa joke”.

  • What is NORAD Santa tracker?

NORAD is a company that specializes in tracking aerospace or marine threats,however, on this special date, NORAD experts will take a break fromtheir usual tasks and dedicate Christmas Eve and Christmas to keepchildren informed about the Location of Santa.

  • What is Santa’s phone number 2017?

this year, I don’t think it will be easy to talk with Santa. However I can give you Santa’s phone number that goes straight to Santa Claus is (951) 262-3062. This number were used in 2014 and 2015. I’m not sure if it’s still Santa’s phone number in 2017. 
Just Dial 951-262-3062 and get surprised if you are lucky enough.
Christmas Eve is not the better time to call him. Usually people call Santa ove his phone, before 23 December of the current year.

  • Make your Christmas Eve Special

The most interestingthing is that Norad Tracks has a phone number where people can call tobe answered by Santa’s helpers. There, millions of children askquestions, make wishes and leave messages for Santa Claus. That linegets about 117 million calls per day and 5 million per hour.

Theidea came in 1995 when a newspaper mistakenly published a telephonenumber for Santa Claus on an ad and created a furor of consultations tofind out where Santa was. That line was the call of the Air DefenseCommand Aerospace North America who, by tradition, did not want to break the spell of the initiative.

Thanks to a radar system of 47facilities in northern Alaska and Canada, the NGO receives on its radarindications of Santa Claus as he leaves the North Pole on Christmas. “At the time when Santa Claus says that we took off, we started using thesame satellites that are used to prevent missile attacks againstAmerica. The bright red nose of Rudolph emits infrared signal that isdetected by satellites no problem, “explains Norad in place online.

Merry Christmas! Where is Santa? Use Google Santa tracker to find him. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Where is Santa Claus? Follow with Santa Tracker! Santa Claus going to begin his traditional Christmas tour by all countries in the world with his bag full of gifts. Have a very blessed Christmas eve, Merry Christmas to all of you.

Merry Christmas! Where is Santa? Use Google Santa tracker to find him.
Merry Christmas and happy new year.

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