5 Things To Remove From Office Desk To Improve Productivity

How to organize your office at work to maximize your productivity? Keep your desk clean and organized, consider a few things to put away from your desk. Remove all your personal things out of your office desk.

What are the objects in your workspace that affect your productivity? Get rid of them!
What’s on your desk? Scotch tape? A stapler? A dictionary? Believe it or not, these everyday items in an office can seriously affect your workflow. The reality is that most of these objects are dispensable, and all they do is clutter our visual field.

5 Things To Remove From Office Desk To Improve Productivity

To clean your desk, follow the “less is more” rule: get rid of anything that is not essential. If you have no idea where to start, give you some tips. Get down to work!

1. Tools of little use

Tools that are used less than once a month should be stored in a drawer. If they are on your desk, they take up valuable space that could be used for things you use every day or to place objects that inspire you, such as photographs or phrases. 

2. Cables

Nowadays, many electronic devices do not need cables: the keyboard, the mouse, and even the hearing aids are wireless. However, cables still remain in sight (the monitor or the fixed telephone, for example) can create visual garbage. Look for ways to hide them, so they do not appear in your landscape. 
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3. Stacked Sheets

Having a stack of files accumulated may seem like a productive maneuver, but it actually has the opposite effect. Many people have a pile of sheets waiting to be checked. They do it to remind themselves of their earrings; but the lot is usually done so big and messy that creates distractions and worries, causing stress and affecting productivity.

4. Miscellaneous items

Business cards, thank-you notes, baubles, old documents … these objects are like deadlifts. Anything that has been on your desk for more than a year and has not been used or even seen should be removed. These things affect your productivity on an unconscious level. Pay particular attention to what’s on, behind and on your screen.

5. Post-its Invasion

Are you the people who write down each slope, however small, in a Post-it? Do you stuff your workspace with these vivid reminders? This is one of the worst hobbies there may be. Plus it is highly polluting (and if better download an app that reminds you of your earrings?), Creates a visual disorder that contributes nothing to your mental clarity. 
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What should be on your work desk?

It replaces “visually harsh” objects with others that provide the opposite effect. Replaces things that make you feel heavy, worried or guilty about something that inspires you (e.g., a photograph, a landscape or a plant). Your desk should reflect the best things in your life.

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