3 Tips on Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Campaigns & Sales Ideas

Online marketing tips for Valentine’s day promotions on social media and other digital marketing to attract more customer. Create your creative valentine’s day marketing slogans for being unique. 

As every year, on February 14, it is revolutionizing purchases both online and offline. For merchants, it is an excellent opportunity to reach annual sales targets, as it is the second peak of sales of the year after Christmas.

3 Tips on Valentine's Day Digital Marketing Campaigns & Sales Ideas

RTB House has analyzed hundreds of advertising campaigns in over 40 different markets and detailed what the three strategies most successful retargeting for retailers and e-commerce looking to get all the juice to this date are.

1. “Target the Cupid’s Arrow.”

The days before Valentine’s Day increase the number of users leaving the web without making a purchase, which is a vital moment for the competition between e-commerce, where customized campaigns are essential for success.

We must consider the campaign taking into account the peculiarities that the users have during this time; behaviors in e-commerce vary due to intense competition. With retargeting, according to RTB House, you can optimize the campaign by setting higher bids for ads shown to buyers – users who are already past customers – and offers lower for those who expressed interest but have less potential to convert into sales.

In short, surprise your users at the exact moment by personalizing the message and taking advantage of the brief opportunity that represents the moment of purchase.

2. “Make life easier for forgetful lovers.”

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), people who shop online on Valentine are a dream for electronic commerce because they are willing to spend more money on gifts and romantic activities.

On average, they are willing to spend 110 USD on average, compared to the 69 USD of offline customers.

It is demonstrated that the audiovisual also influences the decision-making process; For example, showing a guaranteed delivery date on the banner can be a critical detail for the final decision. A unique logo or design can remind customers that the big day is coming, or an accountant can show how many days are left.

3. “Help last minute Cupid.”

Last-minute buyers represent the vast majority of online Valentine’s customers. These forces prepare specific advertising campaigns for such users, who have not realized that is just around the corner and need to solve their cluelessness, which will certainly boost offline sales if we facilitate the movement indicating nearby shops or online if delivery time is less than 24 hours.

Guarantee products in stock or direct the consumer to a physical store discount will increase the chances of buying.

Show a map, opening times and remember the location nearest store banners will help customers to have an emergency plan, reminding that the mark is always there to lend a hand.

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