How You Can Measure the Quality of Your Customer?

To calculate how much each customer is worth, first analyze which are the most profitable. To start, do not confuse the user with the client because they are not the same. It is true that there are models of income generation, such as freemium, in which you will need a large mass of users to get a few – customers – to pay you, but you should not value them equally.

How You Can Measure the Quality of Your Customer?

1. Look for profitability, not volume. 

To calculate how much each customer is worth, analyze which are the most profitable, which do not always coincide with those that generate more volume: if they take longer to pay or buy high priced products, but with less margin, they should not be among the preferred customers. Avoid working with the traditional variables when it comes to segmenting. Find a variable of profitability and potential development. 
Those two, weighted, tell me the value of each client and help detect the most interest they may have. Those who give me the most money in the short and who can also have a greater development. And from there, you design loyalty plans.

2. Calculate your growth potential. 

Having a more diversified portfolio, with smaller and seemingly regular customers, usually affects the service. It offers something more standardized, more economical, but not the best option. We must try to avoid it and make a different classification of our customers. Although they are the same size, we can look for those with a higher growth potential. And give them more time and resources.

One way to do this, explains the expert in marketing and business creation Felix Cuesta: “We work with a series of universal inductors, which can be applied to all types of customers and sectors. 

These are the ones that define the potential value of the customer at an individual level and its influence on the market. Those that determine their worth at the individual level will be the sum of the average transaction, indirect and financial income, multiplied by the number of annual operations and by the number of years as an active customer.”

3. Calculate its influence. 

Have you ever wondered which of your customers are most likely to bring you, new customers? This is a factor that is seldom valued, but in a saturated market of supply like the present, it becomes something decisive to create a list of our VIP clients. “To calculate the influence of the customer in the market we consider the number of positive and negative recommendations made, the redemption in both cases, the average full transaction and we multiply by the number of annual operations and the number of years that is maintained As an active customer, “says Cuesta.

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