Differences Between Working In A Small Company & A Large Organisation

The differences between a small and a large company, a priori, should just remain in that, in the size of the business for which one works. But that is the theory. In practice, it turns out that the differences go further and even go so far as to condition salaries, as we shall see. And you, what do you think are the differences between a small and a large company?

Differences Between Working In A Small Company & A Large Organisation

1. The salary

We have already advanced. Although this should not be the case, employees in enterprises with less than 50 employees receive on average almost 900 USD less than those who employ more than 200 people, according to the INE’s quarterly Labor Cost Survey, corresponding to the Fourth Quarter of 2016. It is also a situation that is repeated in all sectors, but with an extraordinary impact on construction, where the salary difference rises to 1,440 USD per month. In the case of the industry, it reaches 1,144 USD, and in services, it is 845 USD.

2. Trade union representation

The ways of relating to the ’employers’ of the companies are also different if you are a small business. For example, the union delegation does not exist. The problems that may exist (the labor conflict, let’s go) is solved directly with the bosses, which in large companies usually does not occur. Or do you think that the CEO of a multinational is going to stop to solve those kinds of conflicts or is he going to meet you to listen to your problems?

3. Impact

Generally speaking, another of the differences between a small and a large company is the repercussion that your work can have abroad. We refer, for example, to reflect it in your CV and look for another job. Unfortunately, it seems that ‘saw’ more having worked in a multinational for example than in a family business, something that should not be so but should be judged the issues related to the work done. We can also say that the media repercussion of what happens in one and the other type of company is also different, such as in the case of strikes or layoffs.

4. Relationship with peers

For better or for worse, the relationship with colleagues is distinct in a large company. For one thing, it would be impossible to know everyone. If on the other hand, you work in a small, you will have a more natural treatment with all of them, with what this entails (bad rolls may be included). But in general there does not have to be bad rolls, and there should be a better atmosphere in a small company.

5. Feeling of belonging

The family treatment that is dispensed in a small business causes its workers to become more involved because they feel a greater attachment to it and to production and consider that their work is indispensable (together with their effort) to keep the company afloat and That depends on his position and his salary. Thus, workers in small businesses are often much more loyal than those of large enterprises, where your work may go unnoticed.

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