How to get traffic to your web or blog via Twitter?

If you do not promote your blog or web, how will someone know about your great content? Driving traffic to your blog is as essential to your success as your own writing.

How to get traffic to your web or blog via Twitter?

Take the opportunity to cross the promotion of your blog on Twitter. Making tweets about your blog can be an incredible way to reach out and connect with your consumer. With over 500 million users, you can find plenty of new readers through Twitter as well. If you use this social network well, you can drive tons of traffic to your blog. But simply typing the title of your post with a link to your site will not work.

You have to be proactive. You have to be creative. In this one minute marketing, we will see fast and straightforward tactics that you can apply on Twitter to drive traffic to your website.

Use short, proactive tweets

A tweet is pretty short in itself. Generating engaging content in 140 characters or less may present a small writing challenge. Short tweets, less than 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate.

When you’re tweeting a link to your blog entry, get it to be creative. Try to make very short tweets that invoke the interest in your blog article.

When you’re tweeting about your story, keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to do so with the title of your post.

When you create a new tweet, you can upload a photo and attach it to your tweet by pressing the camera button on the desktop or mobile. This will add a link to the picture as well as a preview of your photo that will appear on the Twitter timeline.

Following millions of people is useless

Following millions of people just to fatten your list of followers is no good. It is positive to follow back when a user interacts with your account, but it is much more useful to follow accounts that are associated with your business that fatten your numbers with a lot of people that will not open any of your links.

Include a quote from your post

Give your fans a sample of your blog post. Add a quote that generates intrigue about your article. Try to find an appointment that is concise and a taste of the content of your publication.

Again, you do not need to tweet the title of your article. Show your followers a little more about what your blog is about.

Dating, in general, does a great job on Twitter. Studies have shown that a tweet with a quote is 54% more likely to be a retweeted. If someone does retweet, it is very likely that he has also clicked on the link to your blog.

If visual

Stop thinking about Twitter as a text-only platform. Twitter now presents the most prominent visual content by automatically expanding the images in your tweets, so accompanying your content with a picture is more important than ever. Amazing visual effects will help your updates stand out among the other tweets in Twitter feeds dominated by your followers’ texts.

In fact, studies show that tweets with image links get twice as much commitment rate as those that do not.

When it comes to getting the traffic you have to use all the tools you have on hand, and Twitter is one of the most forthcoming and straightforward to use, and best of all, it is useful in a very short time.

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