12 Step Guide to Choosing Your Business’s Domain Name [Infographic]

Choosing the right domain name is essential to reach more targeted customers. Whether you are creating a personal blog or a business website you should learn how to choose a perfect domain name before you purchase one. This step is very important especially if you want to generate revenue through a website. A business name or domain defines the brand characteristics. 

You are going to be live online for long years, perhaps for the lifetime. You may change a domain name later on, but you should not do it. If you want to be successful in web business this is ideal to stick with one domain name and never change it. 

“Be creative to choose your domain name and make it short, brandable and easy to pronounce & remember.”

Do you have any idea to choose your domain name? If yes, then write down your ideas on a paper and then look at it carefully. Think about what you have written. Will it be memorable? Can you spell it easily? Is the name make sense of your brand or service? Relax, sit back and read this article thoroughly to get the best name idea for your business. 

Quick resource to start your online business:
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Domain names have a great impact all over the Internet in terms of click-through rate (CTR), from search engine to social media results. Your domain name will have an impact on online marketing and branding. 

The Fundera blog published a great infographic on how to choose the perfect domain name, and I’m going to share it with you. Pin it for later use. 

12 Step Guide to Choosing Your Business’s Domain Name

Make it brandable: Your domain name should be brandable. It means it should be easy to read, pronounce and remember. You should not use numbers or hyphens in a domain name. Because doesn’t sound like a brand. 
For example, we used OnlineLivingBlog for this blog, but we don’t use Online-Living-Blog. The first one is easy to say and remember. 

Make it short: You should care about the length of your business name. It should not be longer than fifteen characters. 

Keywords: You should use keywords in your domain URL. It’s great for search engine optimization. If your domain can have a keyword, it will help to optimize for search engine. Keyword in primary url brings more organic traffic. 
But personally I don’t like to use this type of domain. Think about Google.com or Amazon.com. Both of them are most popular website and has strong credibility. 

Use alternative TLD: If you can not get yourdomain.com then you should try for YourDomain.net, YourDomain.co, YourDomain.us. etc. Using a suffic or prefix domain is increasing it’s popularity. Many popular brands are using an alternative TLD for their domain name. 

Be creative to choose your domain name and make it short, brandable and easy to pronounce & remember. 

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