Improve your local SEO and the visibility of your business in search engines


In this article, we will outline some tips applicable to all local businesses who want to improve on SEO to improve their online visibility.

We start with the idea that you already have your Google My Business page created and verified. And now what we want is that our work appears among the first results. For that, we must improve our web positioning in the organic results of the search engine, and this is what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Improve your local SEO and the visibility of your business in search engines

Local SEO then refers to the proper positioning of your site among the online searches that a user makes based on their current location. For example, if someone searches for pet store in London, they will appear all around you. That’s where we want our pet business, in this case, to be among the first, right? Well, you’ll see that it’s just a series of logical steps to increase visibility, but we must give a little of our time and attention.

Google My Business Page Optimization

Business Information

Make sure you have completed all the required information about your business.


If the type of your business is not available, select the next one among the most relevant categories. But do not pick more than 2.

Business Description

This part is the one that nobody better than you could do since it is your business! Do not copy and paste the contents of your web page. Google does not like duplicate information, so try to create unique and compelling content. Also over time, Google is improving the details, so if at this time a category that suits the company is not available, try to describe precisely the service or product it provides.
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It is one of the most important things since your GMB page is a window to your business on local results. So, take your time and add a logo, a header photo, and interior and exterior images.

Publish Occasionally

It is not about using the local business page as your personal social network, but it is important to create publications as if it were a blog. That is, keep the page alive and updated. Just as the company data is read by the Google robot, so are the posts and messages.


  • Create a good title and introduction that is engaging with the first information.
  • Put the title in bold. To do this, put an asterisk * at the beginning and at the end *
  • The first 160 characters will be treated as a meta description (the sequence of characters that is used to summarize the content of a web page in a very specific way in the results of the search engine).

Get feedback

Encourage users to leave comments. This in addition to improving your positioning, helps customers to decide for your business.

Create events

Being creative is critical, and any business, however small, can give to create events and meetings with consumers. Why not, (following our initial example of the pet store) create an encounter with lovers of cats, dogs or any other cause. Although this does not directly influence the SEO, it will attract people to your page later, and you will get comments, ratings and after all, let you know.

Well, once you are aware these steps, the next thing is to start putting them into practice.
A tip: never underestimate the small details, because in these you will find the difference.

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